1993: Kicking Up Sand


Put on the gloves, lace up the leather,
Who’ll fit the bill? Add to the measure,
It’s there for the taking, capture this treasure,
“Sure will look good at home”, says Bull Inthe Heather.

The Truth Of It All, they all got Personal Hope,
Cheers from Union City, to charge, conquer and cope,
From high atop swings Wallenda, ready to run the rope,
While out on the Prairie Bayou, been training like a dope.

It’s sure a treat, feel that Dixieland Heat, but now there’s work to do,
More than A Tossofthecoin, there’s still some to learn, before the chore is through,
With a Ragtime Rebel yell, now it’s show and tell, to join a proven few,
They’ll grab hold of the bit, jockeys aware of it, Silver Is Silver wants gold it’s true.

Waves of praise this special day, SEA HERO sails coast to coast,
Swishing his tail, confident Wild Gale, ready to brag and boast,
From the rooftops they bellow, “Hooray for Mi Cielo”, promises to give his most,
A rambling man rumbles El Bakan, a blurred ghost from the outside post.

Last pictured there was LIL E. TEE, who’s picture is next? Maybe Corby, IT will cause such bliss,
“Hold on just a second,” this whinny voice beaconed, “on the trophy they”ll be etching Kissing Kris”,
ALYSHEBA made fame, FERDINAND was certainly game, SUNNY’S HALO did the same, All attest, you can’t beat this,
WINNING COLORS, GENUINE RISK and REGRET, all a worthy bet, And all go by the title of “Miss”.

Let’s get set to Rockamundo, it ought to be a gas,
Days like this are rare, and go by much too fast,
Wants the dough, will give it a go, does Diazo, in amongst the cast,
Just one thing left to do, excitement grew and grew, but first as always in the past……