DERBY 129: Shank

2003 | DERBY 129 | FUNNY CIDE


T”was a colt, who never made it here,
But wherever he ran, throngs would appear,
Now back in the news after many a long year,
Of course it’s SEABISCUIT deserving the cheer.
Red Pollard would yell”Atswhatimtalkinabout”,
AS the blue collar VAGRANT, had victory no doubt,
Been a role model for Buddy Gil, since he was a sprout,
Had that Eye Of The Tiger, on the way to another route.
On the Ten Most Wanted list, Brancussi leads the pack,
Taking a back seat to no one, Supah Blitz works in black,
Domestic Dispute is angry, Alex reins without slack,
Bobby Frankel has Peace Rules ready, and Edgar Prado in the tack.
Texans will hoot for LoneStar Sky
Keeping all of them honest, with a hustling try,
Tommy Amoss will tighten the girth
Everybody knows Empire Maker,
Explodes just like an earth quaker,
And UNBRIDLED enabled the birth.
Around the shed, bounces Indian Express,
Dappled in warpaint, and feathered headdress,
Wants to stand, like in ’12, did WORTH,
From out on the reservation
Sir Cherokee has such dedication,
With a FUNNY CIDE, that causes some mirth.
ELWOOD was here with fire and strive,
That was back in 1905,
Offlee Wild outduels much like that,
In the Lexington, it was all Scrimshaw,
And for added measure, Gulch was his pa,
Feels his chance is pretty fat,
It’s Calvin Borel, and Ten Cents A Shine,
Then it’s time to wine and dine,
Join the aristocrat,
Here is this dude, with no fear,
Calmly sits back, then it’s Outta Here,
Ecoute!   You’ll know where you’re at……..