DERBY 128: Bloodlines

War Emblem

It’s been a quarter of a century,
When SEATTLE SLEW struck awe,
Under Jean Crugets maneuvering, in the final sixteenth,
SLEW stretched out his jaw.
Also here was NEEDLES and SWAPS,
The tales people tell from what they saw;
And of course little NORTHERN DANCER,
How fast he went, should be against the law.
Sounds good to Shugs eager champ,
An ideal gift for Perfect Drift,
Hand delivered, sans stamp;
All business in mind, after be kind,
And Came Home hardly damp;
Strategy in this far out race,
Some say Itsallinthechase,
And the fun starts, down that final ramp,
With slingshot speed, rivals take heed,
Root for Buddha to sizzle and cook;
Thanks all the same, but like under a hot flame,
Blue Burner plans to give all it took;
Medaglia D’Oro, medals in gold,
Name etched on the trophy, then the story’s told
It’s Easy Grades, who wrote the book;
Anxious to give it a try, hoists a boost to Essence of Dubia,
He’s got that certain look.
Harlans Holiday happens, when the quest is complete,
That SUNDAY SILENCE will be sweet,
And a time to soak it all in;
But today the party is out of control,
Maybe then a Request For Parole,
Ironically Wild Horses behaves to begin;
All he ever wanted to show,
Was this Private Emblem to bestow,
A result from conquering the mission,
Hear the roar when the combatants hit the grounds.
If you listen real close, you can hear an Ocean Sound,
Revs it up amongst the din.
Irish eyes are watching, Johannesburg can remedy that song,
Functioning patterns help prepare Lusty Latin,
At the end intends running strong;
A battle will ensue WAR EMBLEM ‘s time is due,
Just can’t do anything wrong;
Have you met Castle Gandolfo? If you haven’t it won’t be long.
Folks here in Kentucky cheer for Danthebluegrassman;
Especially this year it’s fitting Proud Citizen does the best he can
Good luck and GOD bless, and go on with your plan,
As for today rock on, and this before they ran…..