Derby 127: Skimming the Rail


Remember Chris Antley, and a tribute to him,
After all he did win this twice,
Being quite CHARISMATIC how he saved him, no matter what the price,
But racing goes on and MONARCHOS, that Florida Derby was nice,
Now this horse tale may not be Keats, but lets go on with a toss of the dice.

No excuses, complaints or whines, resounds A,P. Valentine,
It’s today for which he was born;
Adversity since the day he was foaled, proved to be gutsy and bold,
Congaree a best try is sworn,
A secret is written in Invisible Ink, Has he done his homework?
What do you think? Gallops hard in the early morn;
Thirteen stripes is part of Ol’ Glory, but Fifty Stars is the main story,
Has grit, is tattered and torn.

Eating well and clean living, that’s the trick to Point Given,
With Gary Stevens, has confidence and trust,
Ain’t listening to all the hype, Balto Star don’t fret that type,
In the stretch they’ll eat his dust,
Enter the gate with a Songandaprayer, their thinking the outcome is very clear,
Wearing the roses is the only must,
A one shot deal, along this Express Tour, so get tied on to what’s in store,
And the victor the pride will bust.

Life is good at Churchill, doesn’t matter where you’re from,
Sipping on mint juleps, chasing Jamaican Rum,
Weaving thruogh traffic in this Classic, Startac hooves pound like a drum,
Then like lightening Thunder Blitz cracks down the lane,
Leaving his opponents numb.

Everybody knows Talk Is Money, Millennium Wind has Blue Grass ambition,
Heating up his game Arctic Boy, this Dollar Bill helps pay for tuition,
Each outfit has their ponies all set, instilled with their own superstition,
And all that’s left is this, to continue on with tradition……..