Derby 126: Shedrow


Hearts these youngsters have, brave to fight this war
The Deputy yells out a War Chant, promises to finish out this war
Getting a call tough Graeme Hall, Shane moves him to the fore
Impeachment credentials Commendable, especially after this tour.

The Exchange Rate for FUSAICHI PEGUSUS, the assets assured with a win
Don’t try to fool Curule, or can China Visit duplicate LAWRIN
Waiting and wanting, the time is here for Ronton To Cryptoclearance he is kin
Every race has been zippy for Trippi Studies the moves of GO FOR GIN

You best believe in Captain Steve, courage is on his side
An early morning lope, relaxes Hals Hope, victory swells with pride
‘Annhiliate the field’, the message from High Yield, always best is tried
Check the clock on Deputy Warlock, absolutely will not be denied

Who will be More Than Ready, to pass this Aptitude test
Just pass the keys to Anees, he will do the rest
Don’t stray or sway from Wheelaway, in search of the ultimate quest
Like NORTHERN DANCER and SWALE, heroes to hail
Now after this let’s see who’s best….