Derby 1256: Snaffle


Hop on board, this Three Ring circus,
The trip will be a rush;
An Excellent Meeting is underway,
A deafening roar won’t hush;
It’s not as far as the Iditirod,
Nobody will holler mush;
Ecton Park is reported ready,
Has the endurance of one Broad Brush.

With CHARISMATIC flair these athletes, are all set to ignite,
Answer Lively when asked for more,
What will unfold, an awesome sight;
Nimble and spry, daring to try,
Like a Cat Thief in the night;
Fierce and honest, that’s Adonis,
A General Challenge makes him want to fight.

A rambunctious type, Kimberlite Pipe,
Tears up the Churchill strip;
Bobbin’ and weaving, then Stephen Got Even,
And shows them the back of his hip;
Oh just one thing, don’t forget K One King,
A blistering half mile clip;
Making a bid, Lemon Drop Kid,
Built like a battleship.

Presenting himself in a Worldly Manner,
Why it’s First American alone;
Getting a call, valiant Valhol,
You know he’s bad to the bone
If he could he would, Prime Timber,
Have his name chiseled in stone,
Wait till you see Menifee,
After the bell he’ll answer the phone,

Post time is almost zero,
That’s fine with Desert Hero,
A mile and a quarter? A cinch,
You’ve got to love these three year olds,
Giving it all to the very last inch;
And don’t forget Vicar, who preaches never to bicker,
Comes through in the pinch;
Hope you’re all having fun, watching these ponies run,
And it’s been a year since….