Derby 124: Fetlocks


It’s the silver anniversary of Secretariats feat
And Silver Charms performance just a year complete,
On this famous Parade Ground, a Favorite Trick is treat,
He calls it Hanumans Highway, and won’t accept defeat.

From Basic Trainee to triple crown threat, Chilito’s hopes are high,
Here’s a fax from Artax, his ambitions touch the sky,
What’s in store, for Nationalore, promises a very best try,
Old Trieste can pass the test, that workout proves he can fly;

If Robin could Robinwould like to impress the crowd,
Don’t forget Indian Charlie, a Victory Gallop is vowed,
No hushing up REAL QUIET, you’ll hear him good and loud,
The flowers are waiting for someone, to proudly wear and be wowed.

Oaks winner Seaside Attraction, three years ago had a foal,
She named her baby Cape Town, and this has been his goal,
But Coach and Nick have a game plan, Halory Hunter gets home from the eighth pole,
Now hear this you Derby fans, it’s almost Rock and Roll…