Derby 123: Silver Charm


This party is no Free House, but worth every cent,
Like a Phantom On Tour, the action’s hell bent,
Thirteen gutsy critters, giving it all till they’re spent,
Shammy Davis is here, to pay for the rent.

A sermon is ready, from the Pulpit rave praise,
More Deeds Not Words, he’ll try many ways,
“Trying won’t help”, quips Captain Bodgit as he graze,
SILVER CHARM disagrees, “I’ve been prepping for days”.

“Hello to my colleagues, then good-by, it’s been fun”,
But no time for chatter, there’s a prize to be won,
Yes and bar none, Celtic Warrior’s gonna get it done,
Just then Crypto Star put in his late run.

“Listen to your talk, and oh full of trash”,
“You guys think you’re something, a rage and a smash”.
Forgetting of course, someone else is at this bash,
So get out of the way, ’cause here comes Jack Flash.

Bragtime is over, it’s time to deal the cards,
Fired up is Crimson Classic, vows to abandon his guard,
All promise their best, and forge all the way hard,
Only first this Concerto, to be played in this yard……..