Derby 122: A Bit Hit


Somebody’s gonna run a Corker, light up that winning Cigar;
They’ll put their nose to the GRINDSTONE, play this game exceeding par;
Semoran will try to Skip Away, Zarbs Magic wants to be star;
Down the middle of the track charges Cavonier claims he’s best by far.

Is Matty G. The Prince Of Thieves, and bound for Honour And Glory?
Or will Louis Quatorze write the Victory Speech, pass the verdict to the jury;
Take the City By Night and the roses by day, that’s the name of this story;
Alyrob will be cranking it up, with Nakatani, just won The Oaks, did Corey.

Take the treasure pleads Built For Pleasure, it’s there for the taking;
For a tune-up, the best way’s a Blowout, heading for home the fractions are baking;
Only “one” will cart off the big prize, from the rest no belly aching;
Required are praise writes Editor’s Note, all deserving and in the making.

Just a sixteenth of a mile to go, Halo Sunshine hopes to find more;
Unbridled Song is In Contention, and knocking on the door;
An exuburent amount of Dilligance, with aboundance of heart true and pure;
But before The Derby has started, only this is guaranteed sure…….