Derby 121: Thunder Gulch


Legends are made this historic day, “Larry” deserves honorable mention,
Lake George is dappled and looks like a million, It’s time to earn his pension;
It’s gonna be fun laughs Tejano Run, Running always releases the tension;
On top of his game, Pyramid Peak is untamed, Ready to seek intervention.

You’d be wise to inspect fit Suave Prospect’ Julie will hustle him along;
Mike Battaglia calls, “Starting to roll Dazzling Falls”, In Character coming on strong:
“Want a date? I’ll be your mate, Just catch me first”, squeals Serenas Song;
“Sugar you’re on croons cool Jumron”, Accelerates strides sharp and long.

“She is a hot dish”, with a tail swish concurs Eltish, Buckles down for the famous stretch drive;
“Why yes indeed”, agrees Citideed, “For her it’s worth the strive”.
Hot as cajun cookin’, and impressive looking, Jambalaya Jazz is set to bop and jive;
Nutty as a loon, but fast Knockadoon, After this they’ll know Hess alive.

From Timber Country he submerged, with a power surge, Wants to chop ’em down one by one;
“Try starting with me” dares brazen Mecke, “Let’s see who’s Talking Man, when it’s done;
Can Ski Captain, make it happen? Tie down the tongue, It’s time to run;
Rumbling THUNDER GULCH cracks, “Strap on my tack” It’s boogietime for fun.

Adrenaline is pumping, can you feel your body jumping? Afternoon Delights is here to win;
With Randy on his side, hopping out of his hide, How about a Wild Syn;
Lay back and relax, enjoyment to the max, In the shadows of the “Spires Twin”;
Only one thing left to do, for this classy three year old crew, Once they step on the track, listen…………