Derby 118: Saddle Stretcher


1992 Azra won in ’92. A hundred years ago,
Arazi will try to do the same, put on a flamboyant show,
But will this task be easy? 18 rivals say no
Rounding for home and this long stretch,
Soon someone everyone will know.

In a high powered world of Technology, success is such a tough grind,
Sometimes in emotions of affection, Casual Lies play games with the mind,
But give the Devil His Due, it’s for progress, not to be unkind,
Given the test, passes West By West, “here” is the best you’ll find.

Dashes like a bullett, then he doses, that’s the habit of Pistols And Roses,
Parked just off the pace, and like the wind he closes, then Disposal each of those foes,
Bred in the red, from both sides as a foal, “Gramps and Dad are Triple Crown winners”, A. P. Indy crows,
“Just leave it to me” Boasts LIL E. TEE, cruising to get home by the smallest of noses.

Hard tryer, flexible flyer, that’s Thyer, and enjoys a challanging fight,
Yes Sir Pinder, accepts the dare, it’s fair and square, at the thought, on the bit a bite,
Built like a destroyer Conte DI Savoya, asked if he will, “Quite right”,
Strutting his stuff, here comes Pine Bluff, ready to kiss ’em night night.

“Winners circle, flowers draped, I’ll be standing”, to the reporters belts Snappy Landing,
“Now you got your scoop”,
“Were Y’all been”? Questions Al Sabin, waiting for the rest of the group,
Down here in the south, My Luck Runs North up the scale, like in ’45 happened to “HOOP”,
They’ll all take with stride, this Ecstatic Ride, one and a quarter times “round the loop.”

Over in Ireland and England he was previous,
Now has landed Dr. Devious, up his sleeve a nifty prank,
Stand high and proud, above the crowd, brags out loud, “You can take it to the bank”,
A slight trace of sweat, finely muscled toned, noted the vet, now just watch him crank,
Ron McAnally may quote, “He gets the vote, to climb a notch in rank”.

It’s time to light up the Dance Floor, boogie for fame and glory,
Constant flow of fine ladies waltzing the infield, everything’s so hunky dorey,
Soon pounding hooves will raise a ruckus, all the sound of fury,
Oh but first only this, and hence the end of the story…….