1994: Mud Fight


Duck over to the rail for this, it’s almost time to go;
There’s this Blummin’ Affair not to be missed, it’ll be quite the show;
Heart as big as all of Texas, here to perform is Brocco;
And does it all for a scoop of oats, don’t even know what’s dough;.

Ready to win prances GO FOR GIN, then set down in the groove;
He better have his dancing shoes on, ’cause Holy Bull is on the move;
Won’t dilly won’t dally but will Kandaly, here with something to prove;
Standing proud and tall Mahogany Hall, a stride that’s long and smooth.

Take a peak at sharp looking Strodes Creek, no denying confirmation appears slick;
Stepping up to bat, blinkers on Tabasco Cat, red hot fractions and plenty of lick;
Don’t try to hassle powerful Powis Castle, saving something for that last final kick;
Now who’s laughin’ man, why it’s Smilin’ Singing Sam, up his sleeve displays a new trick.

Before you dash to the windows, take a gander at this awesome sight;
Chompin’ at the bit, don’t plan to quit, how about a hand for Meadows Flight;
Prepared to do battle is Ulisses, won’t back down or take gruff in this fight;
Being of noble blood Valiant Nature, politely bids ’em good-night.

O.K. kids, lets get to the Soul Of The Matter, we’ll see which “one” does belong;
They’ve all tried so hard in the past, having earned this chance to be strong;
And wear the wreath that exclaims, nothing he did was wrong:
Start ’em up and cut ’em loose, but first this Southern Rhythm song……..