About Pete

Peter J. Hurley

Pete started riding horses as a kid. As a teen he worked in stables caring and exercising the horses. Pete attended 25 Kentucky Derby races. In the evening at the end of each year’s Derby race, he sits with the winner in his heart, and allows the poetic verse to emerge. The next day, in traditional style, he formally reads his winners poem to all nearby and interested. And he ends the weekend event with his harmonica version of the old favorite, “My Old Kentucky Home.”

From the year 1875 to the present, the Kentucky Derby has captured the hearts of millions. And one individual, Pete, out of these million was so enrapt by his love of the Derby that poetry spontaneously emerged from his heart. Poetry all about the Derby. Poetry that gives acknowledgement and respect to every single horse that has ever run in this event, as far back as the original race in that seminal year of 1875.

So this web site is dedicated to lovers of the Kentucky Derby – and to those who knew and loved Pete. It is strictly for your pleasure. In the days ahead you can return and enjoy a sample of this imaginative and chronological poetry, and if you are so touched and inspired, a complete poetic chronology of the Kentucky Derby is available in paperback. You can contact us for more information.